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Now more than ever people and businesses are aware of the environmental issues caused by their personal and business activities. First Class Taxis has taken this awareness into its business planning for today and into the future. Because a taxi cab is on the road 24/7 we fully understand the influence we have as a large taxi operator to reduce CO2 and greenhouse gases. To show our commitment towards future generations we are moving our sedan fleet towards the Toyota Hybrid PRIUS and Toyota Hybrid CAMRY. This awareness of enviromental impact of our transport industry has resulted in an transparent and physical environmental image that our employees, taxi drivers, taxi service licence (TSL) owners and customers respect and value.

First Class Taxis aims to only keep a vehicle on the road as a taxi cab for 3 years. This means we are continually upgrading our fleet providing the latest and most modern vehicles for our taxi drivers. This continual upgrading results in lower mechanical maintenance costs for the taxi service licence (TSL).

Our taxi business extends beyond the physical car and includes the valuable taxi drivers who are an essential and integral part of our organisation. We are continually trying to improve the facilities and workplace environment they operate within. We have implemented comprehensive OH&S policies and procedures, this combined with our “Safe Driving Policy” actively promotes minimum risk and exposure to all taxi drivers, employees and the public. Our fleet of taxi drivers are locals and are great ambassadors for the Gold Coast. Their individual backgrounds span many different professions and levels of technical expertise.

After a taxi driver has gained industry experience and displayed customer service levels to a high standard they can become Executive Taxi Drivers. This requires an additional short training course but after completion allows that taxi driver to service the more dependent members of society offering the level of care and expertise they deserve. We are proud of our taxi drivers and the function they perform in everyone’s day to day lives on the Gold Coast.

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